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Each year, the Faerie Festival is held in a new place, depending on what type of faerie the hostess is. A few years back, Psellia hosted the festival upon a cloud in the sky. Two festivals ago, Illusen welcomed everyone to her glade for delicious sweets, and last year Nereid hosted this gala event in the slowly rebuilding Maraqua, which was still a secret to most Neopians at the time.

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This year, the most unlikely hostess of all will be Jhudora the dark faerie. There has been playful muttering among the light faeries that they will be sure not to sample any food until she herself has eaten some first. Fyora has made it clear, however, that even though dark faeries (especially Jhudora) aren't generally considered the trustworthiest sort, they are faeries nonetheless, and their turn to host a festival has arrived.

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Many of the earth faeries have asked Illusen whether or not she'll be attending. "Well, Jhudora did come when the festival was hosted at my glade few years ago, although I have a sneaking suspicion that she was responsible for the 'soup incident.' I can't really pass up the opportunity to return the favour, or harass her by being nice to her, now can I?" was the earth faerie's only response, followed by a mischievous grin.


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